Shipping policy

Information on home delivery and personal acceptance

ACCELL Hunland Kft performs the orders submitted to the webstore with the involvement of a courier service. The delivery of the packages is done on working days. The courier service will try delivery twice. ACCELL Hunland Kft will charge the transportation cost of non-accepted packages to the customer.

Customer will get the bicycles purchased in the webstore in an assembled status. We deliver the bicycles in the following form: the steering bar is turned sideways and the pedals are removed. In the case of electric bicycles, the control meter is delivered separately, without being installed on the bicycle.

ACCELL Hunland Kft is not liable in any way for transport delays or other problems, mistakes that may be traced back to data that had been given by mistake and/or inaccurately.

The price of home delivery is different by delivery regions. If customer does not accept the transport fee, it may interrupt the order process or it may migrate to another method of acceptance.

The products may be picked up personally as well in our partner shop given at the time of submitting the order. For picking up the product personally it is also necessary to have an order submitted online to our webstore. As regards products picked up personally, we charge a transport fee. This fee will be calculated in the course of the order process, before the finalisation of the order. If the fee is not accepted, the order process may be interrupted, and it is possible to cancel the order without any consequences.